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Erik-Y - En Weten Zij Hoeveel Ik Van Je Hou
Erik-Y - En Weten Zij Hoeveel Ik Van Je Hou (Instrumental)
Erik-Y - Welcome

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Erik-Y Fanpagedag
02-09-2017 Arnhem
Starts: 18:00
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The guitarist, singer and songwriter known internationally as Erik-Y has released his latest pop single, "Welcome." The track has been proudly published under the E&G independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It is the debut official release from Erik-Y and the E&G label. Heartfelt, gorgeously written and impeccably well-performed, "Welcome" is a flagship release which stands as proof that Erik-Y is one of Europe's most expert and intriguing independent songwriters today.

Erik-Y cites as main artistic influences a wide variety of the most creative minds ever to take the stage. Of these, the artists who seem to have the most in common with his new single, "Welcome," are Dream Theater, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead, though he makes mention also of such disparate musicians as Queen, Eminem, David Guetta, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more.

Erik-Y has subtitled "Welcome" as "the Birthsong." Asked to describe the overall theme of his new single, Erik-Y writes, "'Welcome (the Birthsong)' will be my first song that I share with the whole world. If you listen to the lyrics, you understand what life's all about."

Erik-Y is a native of the Netherlands. He began his musical journey as a lyricist, writing poetry at the age of only eight. He began learning guitar from his father soon afterward. His classical training on the guitar began at 15. This led him to play in a smorgasbord of bands, during which period he performed live on a great many stages and learned to compose his own songs. He learned bass guitar, also, and practiced vocal lessons. Soon he had accumulated his own repertoire of studio recordings.

"I'm a little bit shy, but when I'm making music I become a powerful person," Erik-Y writes. "I like making music and writing about true adventure. Music makes me happy. I love to hear it and to play it."

Erik-Y became a front man for many bands. Never afraid to explore new musical horizons, Erik-Y became an entrepreneurial DJ and performed both nationally and internationally. He learned to book and organize shows and tour dates. Several record companies approached him about his original songs.

The artist writes of his music, "I'm a creator. I make things. Erik-Y's song parts are each well-thought-out, piece-by-piece creations."

In 2008, Erik-Y founded his own music school (link provided below). In 2014 he began Erik Stars Entertainment, a booking agency for novice musicians. Now, in 2015, he has reached the culminating moment of his career - the start of his own independent record label, E&G.

"Every three months I will try to make a new song to share with my fans," promises Erik-Y. "I want to make beautiful things that people can use to give them their own power ... I hope people enjoy the music I release under the E&G label. E&G gives me the freedom to create any style of music from rock to dance, and to sing in English, and Dutch and German."

Erik-Y also intends to release the music of other independent musicians under his own E&G music label.

"Welcome" (the Birthsong) by Erik-Y is available online worldwide beginning 1 August 2015 from E&G Records.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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